Are you planning a farm expansion? Running out of storage options for feed? Looking to install different manure management capabilities? We can help. Hechimovich Masonry has been serving the agricultural community since we began. Whether it is constructing a new free stall barn, remodeling an existing stanchion barn, or constructing the most modern robotic milking parlors, we have the expertise to complete your next project. At Hechimovich Masonry we also have solutions to your outdoor storage needs whether it is poured grain bin pads, a new manure management and storage system, or bunker pit to store additional feed we are ready and willing to discuss your next project.

  • Milking Parlors
  • Pole Sheds
  • Manure Pits
  • Grain Silo Bases
  • Poured Foundations
  • Bunker Silo Pits
  • Barn Cleaner Concrete Repair
  • Stall Installation
  • Sanitary Water Pads